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Avi8ion Provides a Wide Array of Solutions to

Maximize Enterprise, Fleet and Human Assets

Global airlines continue to experience robust fleet growth and replenishment at unprecedented rates. The most current economic analyses continue to predict this trend into the foreseeable future.  Underutilized Fleet and Human Assets often continue to challenge Optimal Enterprise Value.  Avi8ion provides access to key information to drive competitive advantages for successful international airlines.  In addition to data-driven asset solutions, Avi8ion consolidates many global information resources into one convenient and easily-accessible site. These regularly updated web resources provide decision-makers with the most currently available global information. Avi8ion’s continuously-updated, consolidated information stream publicizes relevant information and opportunities to help glean latest trends and views from colleagues with similar interests.

Deloitte Cites Strong Demand in 2019 Forecast

Robin Lineberger, Deloitte’s Global and US Aerospace Leader, provides compelling evidence of continued aerospace sector growth in 2019. In his report titled “2019 Global Aerospace and Defense Industry Outlook” Mr. Lineberger cites numerous sources to buttress his...


India Feeling Pilot Crunch – What Next?

India’s pilot crunch is driving airline challenges in meeting growing middle-class air travel demands.  Similar to other countries in the region, aggressive bidding for pilot resources is impacting revenue opportunities.  Somewhat related, a recent Avi8ion...

Pilot Shortages Impacting Mideast Carrier

Emirates Airlines recently announced grounding 14 Boeing 777 and 6 Airbus A380 aircraft due to pilot shortages and demand. This adds to several other announcements and signals a need to reorient long-standing solutions. Clearly, a more strategic approach to addressing pilot staffing is needed to protect brands, reputations and balance sheets.


Embraer Twenty-Year Market Outlook

This report contains Embraer’s twenty-year projections for the 70 to 130-seat market. Embraer’s report also provides a detailed view on possible hurdles ahead, including commercial pilot supply.

Bombardier Commercial Aircraft Market Forecast 2017-2036

The Bombardier Market Forecast provides an overview of the commercial aircraft market for the nest twenty years. The report primarily focuses on the 60-150 seat segment of the commercial aircraft industry. You can compare Bombardier’s forecast with Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, Mitsubishi, COMAC and United Aircraft elsewhere on Avi8ion’s site.

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