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Avi8ion’s Strategic Reach Creates Disruptive Market

Advantages and Unequaled Enterprise Continuity

Utilizing Avi8ion’s unique proprietary resources and industry expertise, this Strategic Reach enables partners to optimize key capital and human assets and create enduring, sustainable solutions and relationships. With Avi8ion’s distinct resources and capabilities, breakthrough proprietary information enables partners to prescribe Disruptive, highly-tailored, competitive solutions for business partners and other users of our systems.

Cloud-based, Block-Chain, and highly secure data capabilities drive Avi8ion’s world-class customizable and collaborative tools.   Worldwide 24/7 customer support and solutions engineering enables unequaled Enterprise Continuity and major asset risk mitigations.

Autumn 2018 ISTAT JetTrader Magazine

ISTAT Provides Key Resources for Global Aviation Leaders The International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT) recently published the Autumn 2018 JetTrader Magazine.  This industry-leading resource features key insights from Boeing Capital Corporation...

Spring 2018 ISTAT JetTrader Magazine

The International Society of Transport Aircraft Traders (ISTAT) provides up-to-date information on commercial aircraft sales, leasing and market trends. This key organization provides insights by global aviation leaders accustomed to making strategically global decisions. This latest edition of JetTraders includes great insights into Dubai Aerospace strategy and engine manufacturers leasing strategy.

Blockchain Council Use Cases for Aviation

Growing Airline Interest From The Blockchain Council Blockchain is an interesting development in commerce and currencies.  Increasingly, further developments such as Smart Contracts and other types of Blockchains are beginning to resonate in aviation. ...

Blockchain and Airline Maintenance

Blockchain For Airlines? published an interesting article on the growing interest in aviation use of Blockchain to help document complex processes.  For beginners, the article provides a great "Blockchain 101" explanation for this evolving...

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