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Boeing’s Twenty-Year Airline Pilot Airline Pilot Outlook provides a good overview of coming pilot demands.  Paraphrasing from Boeing’s report:

Airlines across the globe are expanding their fleets and flight schedules to satisfy demand generated by global economic expansion. The aviation industry continues to address these challenges by creating balanced, sustainable solutions to fill future aviator pipelines.

Regional Differences Driving New Pilot Sourcing Innovation

Many regional markets rely heavily on recruiting flyers from outside their home locations.  Evolving in their thinking, airlines are increasingly recruiting, training, and developing locally-sourced flyers. Opportunities in new markets are creating an increased demand for qualified, skilled, and experienced flyers.

Similar to Boeing’s outlook for Aircraft Maintenance Technicians, the Asia Pacific region will lead the worldwide growth in demand for new aviators.  This region will need 253,000 new pilots in the next two decades. Other future regional requirements include North America at 117,000, Europe at 106,000, the Middle East at 63,000, Latin America at 52,000, Africa at 24,000 and CIS / Russia at 22,000.

Visit Avi8ion’s site that discusses global aviator requirements from CAE.

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